Install Troypoint Supercharge On A Amazon Fire Tablet

Troypoint Supercharge
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In this guide, you will learn how to install Troypoint Supercharge on your Amazon Fire tablet that is many different methods you can install third-party apps on your Amazon Fire HD tablet.

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What Is Troypoint Supercharge For An Amazon Fire Tablet?

Troypoint Supercharge is a bunch of methods that allow you to install third-party apps on your Amazon Fire TV.


The Troypoint Supercharge is not an APK or a Kodi add-on but it is many methods of adding third-party apps that you cant download and install natively from the Amazon app store.

If you have been around the whole Amazon Firestick scene and Kodi scene for a while you will of heard of Troypoint as they provide some great tutorials on all things android, firestick, fire tv, and fire tablet related which allows you to supercharge many different android based devices.

Learn how to open your firestick to many third-party apps by jailbreaking it.

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Install Google Play Store On Your Fire Tablet

This will supercharge your Amazon tablet by putting on the world’s best app store on it (The Google Play Store) which will give you access to over 3.48 million apps and games for your android based Fire HD tablet.

With this many apps and games available through the play store on your tablet, this will surely last you many years of playing android games and allow you to put the best android apps on your fire HD as if it was an Android smartphone.

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  1. From your Fire HD Tablet enter Settings.
  2. Select Device Options.
  3. Choose “About Fire Tablet”.
  4. Click on the serial number exactly 7 times.
  5. This will allow Developer Options to show up in your tablet’s menu.
  6. Go back a step to Device Options and then enter Developer Options.
  7. Make sure you press on the toggle switch to enable Developer Options.
  8. When the prompt pops up which says “Allow development settings” make sure to choose Ok.
  9. Now just under the debugging section make sure you turn on USB Debugging.
  10. Again when the prompt pops up choose OK.

Now you will have your Fire HD tablet all primed up and ready to go but the next steps will need a Windows PC or laptop as you will need to install a program to your Windows PC/laptop that will allow you to supercharge your amazon fire tablet.


The program you will need to install on your PC/Laptop is called “The Fire Toolbox Application” you will need to go here and download and install the program.

Now with the fire toolbox installed and open on your Windows PC, you can carry on following the below steps to install the Google Play Store on your Fire HD.

  1. With the Fire Toolbox application open plug your Fire Tablet into your Windows PC using a USB cable.
  2. On your Fire Tablet, you will see a prompt pop up that asks you to Allow USB Debugging just click OK.
  3. Now on your Windows machine click on Google Services on the top right of the buttons inside the application.
  4. Now click on Execute Tool.
  5. Click Ok on the pop-up box.
  6. Your PC will start installing the Google Play store on your Amazon Fire Tablet device.

That’s it you have now supercharged your Fire tablet and it will now have access to over 3.8 million android games and android apps courtesy of the Google Play store.


You can install many of the latest android games not available from your limited Amazon app store and also install some of the best IPTV apps such as gold IPTV, IPTV Smarters Pro, and TiviMate to enjoy IPTV from your IPTV provider.


Is It Possible To Install Google Play Store On A Fire HD Tablet?

Yes, you will need to sideload the Google Play Store onto your Fire HD tablet using a PC software called The Firebox Toolbox.

Can I Download Google Play Store From The Amazon App Store?

Unfortunately, the Android operating system used by Amazon is custom to them so they have blocked the Google Play Store and instead use their own Amazon app store.

Is It Possible To Jailbreak A Amazon Fire HD Tablet?

You can follow our guide above on how to easily add the Google Play store to your Fire HD tablet.

See How To Easily Jailbreak A Google Chromebook



When comes to doing a Troypoint Supercharge on your Fire Tablet this guide has covered everything you will want to know about supercharging your tablet to get the best apps and games on your Amazon device.

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