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How To Jailbreak A Firestick in 2024

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You may have heard of the term “Jailbreaking” being thrown around whether that’s a firestick, Playstation, iPhone, Xbox, or others, and you never quite understand or see what benefits you can reap from jailbreaking your devices well we will explain the benefits of jailbreaking and how to jailbreak a firestick in 2023.

Apart from Jailbreaking a Firestick we highly recommend you get an IPTV subscription which is a lot better than just having your firestick jailbroken as you get access to all worldwide TV channels and sports plus much more.

In this article, we will cover how to jailbreak a firestick in 2023 so you can really open up your Amazon firestick for endless possibilities when it comes to sideloading apps such as movies, TV shows, music and more.

The process is quite straightforward and will take around 2 minutes or so.


Which Amazon Firestick Models Can Be Jailbroken

If you own any of the firestick model versions below then you can jailbreak a  firestick:

  • Firestick 1080p
  • Firestick 4K
  • Firestick 4K max
  • Firestick Lite
  • Fire TVCube
  • Firestick 1st generation
  • Firestick 2nd generation
  • Firestick 3rd generation
  • Firstick 4th generation
  • And any future firesticks

The jailbreak process can be done directly from the Amazon firestick and no additional PCs or laptops are needed.

What Is A Jailbreak?

No, a Jailbreak is not something that happens on the prison break tv show but it is a process that removes the manufacturer’s software restrictions.

You may have heard of rooting an android which is essentially the same as jailbreaking a firestick, iPhone, Xbox, or Playstation as this process allows you to take more control over the device you have purchased and own.

What Benefits Come From Jailbreaking A Firestick?

Just like all other devices that can be jailbroken it helps get even better performance from the device such as a firestick while also allowing you to add custom themes, skins, and also most importantly, to add third-party plugins that don’t come native on the firesticks Amazon app store.

Once the firestick has been jailbroken you can add in a vast array of different apps which give you access to Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and even turn your firestick into a gaming system with Retroarch.

Cons Of Jailbreaking A Firestick

There are not so much as cons when it comes to jailbreak a firestick as it’s what you call a soft jailbreak so nothing is getting changed on a hardware or firmware level as some other devices do.

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The only con which could affect a jailbroken firestick is if you download a third-party app from an unknown source such as a website you have never really heard of then the app you put on the firestick could contain malware.

As long as you stick to articles from well-trusted websites such as ours you will not have to worry about accidentally installing malware or viruses on your firestick.

Is Jailbreaking Legal?

Yes, you can jailbreak any device you have purchased and owned as it’s legally your right to do so the only difference is certain smartphones such as certain smartphones cant be jailbroken under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2010 act. 

But yes when it comes to Amazon firestick, Fire TV, Firestick Lite, Firestick 4K, Fire HD Tablet and any other Amazon device jailbreaking them is legal and adding in third-party applications at the user’s own risk.

Is Jailbreak A Firestick Safe?

Yes as it’s just adding in certain apps that allow you to download other third-party applications. As long as your sources are good for the apps such as our website you can rest assured there are no malicious apps.


How To Jailbreak A Firestick In 2023

Jailbreak a Firestick is a very fast process that can take no more than 5 minutes if that.

You will first want to make sure you have a setting in the Developer options on the firestick called “Allow apps from unknown sources” turned ON.

  1. From the firestick home screen choose settings (little settings cog)
  2. Select My Fire TV or Device
  3. Click Developer Options
  4. Turn ON both ADB debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources
  5. When turning on Apps from unknown sources choose Turn On when you see the confirmation notification box.

Step 1. From the firestick home screen choose settings (little settings cog)

Choose settings on Amazon Firestick

Step 2. Select My Fire TV or Device

Choose My FireTV or Devices

Step 3. Click Developer Options

Click on developer options

With the above done we are very close to the firestick being jailbroken the next step is to use an app called “Downloader” if you already have it installed move on to the next section, if not follow the below.

Step 1. From the firestick home screen choose Find

go to find then search bar

Step 2. Now type in the word Downloader and click the word Downloader

click on the word downloader

Step 2. Click on the Download icon

Click on the downloader icon

Step 3. Click on the Download icon to start downloading and installing the “Downloader” application.

click on download to start downloading downloader
installing downloader

Step 4. Once finished click the Open icon

click open on the downloader open icon

Now with the Downloader app being installed, you will need to go into the “My Apps” section on your firestick and find the Downloader app and open it then carry on with the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Downloader app and click on Allow then OK to close the notice boxes.

first time opening downloader app
click ok on downloader notices
Downloader main home screen

Step 2. Press up on the remote and ok to access the address bar and type in this URL address http://bit.ly/firetv3 then click on Go.

Type in aptoide app downloader url and click go

Step 3. You will now see the Apitode website

Aptoide on firestick website

Step 4. Scroll down the page then click the orange button labeled “Download Aptoide”

click the big download button inside Aptoide firestick webpage

Step 5. The app will start downloading and bring a pop-up box up once downloaded

downloading the aptoide firestick application

Step 6. Now click on Install when you see the install pop-up appear

click on install to install aptoide tv app for jailbroken firestick
installing aptoide tv firestick

Step 7. After the installation has finished click Done

after aptoide tv installed click done

Step 8. Now choose to delete the APK to save space on your firestick

Delete aptoide APK from firestick

Step 9. Click Delete again

aptoide deletion confrmation off jailbroken firestick

Once you have finished with the steps above you can go back to the home screen of the Amazon firestick and then open the AptoideTV app installed on your newly jailbreak firestick.

aptoide icon on firestick home screen
Aptoide splash screen

So all you need to do is head over to the apps section of the firestick and open this app and you will then be able to install lots of third-party apps as if your firestick was a normal smartphone with a large library of Google Play Store to choose from.

Aptoide app main screen

Aptoide acts as Google Play Store so you can choose any app or game and install it right onto your firestick which for a firestick is technically a jailbreak.



What Are Some Good Apps To Install On My New Jailbroken Firestick?

Now with your freshly jailbroken firestick, the world is your oyster allowing you to add in any app or game you want but before you run off into the wild west let us give you some guidance on what the best apps are for jailbroken firesticks.

We are just going to name a few below as we have already covered an article here The 10 Best Apps For Jailbroken Firestick 2023 which covers 10 of the must-have applications.

Small List Of Best Apps For Jailbroken Firestick

That is just some of the cool apps that will now work on your jailbroken firestick without any issues.

If you are an old Kodi user it can be worth installing Kodi onto the firestick using the Aptiode app or any premium android game as you can play them with a Bluetooth gaming controller such as a PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or X controller.

Make Sure To Use A VPN With Jailbroken Firestick

When it comes to jailbreaking a firestick it is normally so you can watch free Movies, TV Shows, Live streams, and more but with this extra added benefit comes a risk.




This risk is your IP address being leaked to any government bodies who are looking for anyone infringing on copyright such as watching the latest Movie on Kodi then they send your Internet Provider (ISP) letters about your activity.

So to stop this you will always need to use a VPN when it comes to streaming content for free if you are not with any IPTV provider.

The best VPN for a jailbroken firestick is below as they have the best speeds, best security, most server locations, and a no-log policy meaning they will never share data with any other company of yours.

Get PureVPN Now (30-Day Risk Free)

If you click the image above you can save a massive 82% off the best VPN for your firestick and is totally safe when it comes to streaming free content.

It’s always better to use an IPTV provider such as Strong IPTV as you do not have to worry about using a VPN as all your data is secure going through our servers when you are watching our IPTV.




See The 21 most useful amazon firestick hacks.


Jailbreaking is a great idea when it comes to opening your firestick up more and being able to customize it and add in third-party apps.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide on how to jailbreak a firestick in 2023 and if this has helped be sure to give it a share

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